NSWL provides water filtration solutions for the following markets and applications:

North Star Water Logic’s primary focus is to make the world’s potable water a more sustainable and renewable resource. We strive to visualize, design and create cost-effective methods to reclaim and reuse water deemed unfit for human consumption – water that previously has just been disposed of.

Arguably, water is our most precious commodity, and there is no known substitute. Over seventy percent of the earth is covered with water, but less than 3% of it is fresh. Moreover, less than 40% of the fresh water is available for human, animal, and agricultural consumption. In light of these facts, North Star Water Logic provides innovative methods, which allow water consumers of every type – industrial, municipal, and oil and gas producers – to reclaim and reuse all of the water they use to create the products we need. Our reclamation and filtration technology enables sustainable industrial and economic growth with a minimal/microscopic environmental impact.

Oil and Gas Producers

  • Recycling of hydraulic-fracturing and flow-back water
  • Recycling produced water
  • Recycling of Drilling Reserve Pit Water
  • Processing/Desalinating brackish water for drilling and frac water use

North Star Water Logic develops and manufactures treatment processes for the bottled water, transportation, municipal, oil and gas, and other industries. Our team comprises some of the best experts in the water filtration and treatment industries.

We have over twenty years of experience removing and separating oil from water in South Texas. The process is simple and efficient, and it’s a smart way for any application/site whose water has been contaminated with oil because the recaptured oil also provides a revenue stream.